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Peter Capaldi on set of Doctor Who. Fabuary 25, 2014 [x]

Stop rummaging in my mind!

I believe in her.

The Doctor - Donna

AU: Nine meets Ten and Eleven

David Tennant on the set of ‘The Shakepeare Code’

I’m left travelling on my own ‘cos there’s no one else.
There’s me.


and in that moment, we were all Clara Oswald



Here’s the first image of Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor from his first full day of filming. 



-So his grave was never on Trenzalore

-So Clara could never have jumped into the Doctor’s time stream

-So Clara never got splintered through time and space

-So Clara never met the Doctor in 19th century London

-So the Doctor never went to find Clara

-So none of Series 7 makes sense.

wow it’s like we keep coming back to that conclusion who’d have thought