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Jasmine. 18. Slytherin.

I blog about Disney, video games, anime, and cute animals.
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The sudden realization that when school starts you’re actually gonna have to get up everyday and get dressed everyday and wear a bra everyday

no not a bra good lord

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🍓☀️Sun & strawberries.☀️🍓

第73話 UFO出現!さらわれたS戦士達
Are you a vegetarian? Might wanna start there first. I’ve been easing my way into veganism since I quit eating meat six years ago and stopped drinking milk completely about a year ago. I’ve now been avoiding all dairy as much as possible..

I’m not but I’ve done quite a bit of research, and spoken to several vegan blogs here on tumblr about becoming vegan. They’ve all said it’s a lot easier to just stop consuming dairy, and meat ASAP because the longer you hold onto it, the harder it gets to quit. 

I’ll probably ease my way into it by reducing the number of times I eat meat in a week just so my body doesn’t freak out, but I’ve already replaced milk for almond milk, so that’s a start.



chorus version of before my body is dry.

listening to this i was like “oh nice it’s like a neat instrumental reprise of dont lose your way” and then that chorus dropped and i was instantly erect.

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